Online Payment for Training 

Q1. Can I pay for other family members using the one wallet?

Answer:  YES.  You can pay for Multiple members of the same family using your wallet, as long as they are all club members.   This is mainly used for parents and their children. (Couples may use this too, but you should encourage them to register their own as they have their own phones. – the same principle will apply) . To do this… They can use one user’s wallet but will need to process a ‘ticket’ for each person they are registering at the session. I.e. Sue has come with her son Jack, both run. She scans the QR code for herself and processes this, then she scans the QR code again for Jack and processes this. I had two parents do this on Tuesday training last week.

Q2. Why we can’t buy single session at a time?

Answer:  Moving into an online system allows us greater ease to manage a large number of coaching groups. Single passes require much greater admin requirements (and costs). At the moment, the top-ups are manual so the smaller the wallet the more management this also requires. If you, as a coach, know that there are one or two runners in your group that will truly struggle to pay for the $50 wallet, please contact me at run@intraining.com.au and we will discuss how to ensure the runner can still attend.

Q3. If I pre-register and do not attend the session, what do I do?

Answer: If you check in but do not attend, you should notify your coach in writing, and either email or message   Benjo Francisco via facebook messenger or run@intraining.com.au 

Q4. If I accidentally scanned twice, what should I do?

Answer: If you check in twice, you should notify your coach in writing, and either email or message   Benjo Francisco via facebook messenger or run@intraining.com.au .  You can arrange to have this returned to your wallet or noted that it covers your fees for the next week.  Make sure you keep a written record of this. 

Q5. If I scan the wrong QR code e.g. non member instead of member, what do I do?

Answer:  If you check in and scan the wrong barcode, you should notify your coach in writing, and either email or message   Benjo Francisco via facebook messenger or run@intraining.com.au .  An adjustment will be made by the admin to your wallet and you will receive a message recording this transaction for you.

Q6. How do I manage Invalid Payment Method error?

Answer:  Reasons for invalid payments

  1. Incorrect password or email
    1. If this is your first time, please see below
  2. First time use of wallet →  you need to click on the ‘First time user Login’  before checking in.   This is found above the Name fields after you scan the QR Code.  Once you do this the first time, it will occur more automatically for you.  
  3. Not enough money in wallet
    1. Check your balance on the page and top up.  Note:  the coach does not receive payment from your attendance if your wallet is not topped up.

Q7. Where do you change the password?

Answer: Go to runners school login page then click forgot password a new password link will be emailed to you. If you have any difficulties contact run@intraining.com.au

Q8. Do the wallets has an  expiry date on them?

Answer: There is no expiry on your wallet purchase.  You can keep using them.

Q9: Is there an automated email sent out reminding us when we need to top up?

Answer: Not yet.  This processing is still in progress. For the meantime, please manually top up your wallet when  you have at least 3 sessions left.  This will mean you will always have credit in your wallet.   

To check your balance go to My Account →  Balance →  Top up Credits. 

To TOP UP  go to Top up Credits

Q10. Do I need to put my password into my phone each session after scanning the QR code?

Answer: The runner will only need to login once. No need to login from time to time everytime a runner scans the qr moving forward.

Q11. How to reset my password?

Answer: Simply click the forgot password in runners school portal, it will send a new link to personalised your password. Make sure to remember it.

Q12: This is my first time setting up my wallet.  What is the process?

Answer: For all first time users you have to purchase your wallet and fill in the information required on the form field. Once you’re done purchasing your credit check your email as it will have your user name and password information for you to login in runners school portal. For complete instruction please read the Online Payment guide.

For further questions about training wallet please don’t hesitate to contact us at run@intraining.com.au or message Benjo Francisco via messenger.