Fun Facts with Steve

Steve and his youngest daughter, Zoe, had a pre-race ritual… a Fun Fact. Zoe would ask him to provide her with something that she would use in her mental preparation for each race to get into the frame of mind she wanted.
“Quote from Zoe” and “Steve”

This began during high school and continued with early morning texts while she competed in the US on her running scholarship. We’ll share these with you and if you have one you’d like to share yourself, click HERE and we’ll include it in future notifications.

Fun Facts: “Shoe Stats”.

57% of runners purchase at least two pairs of running shoes each year.  Over 1 billion running shoes are bought every year.  In the US alone there are over 35 different brands of running shoes.  Nike is the brand of choice for runners younger than 20 years old (38%).  The percentage of Nike lovers shrinks to 19% with the 20-30 age group, who start buying into brands such as Asics (17%), Brooks (14%) and Saucony (11%).

Nike’s percentages continue to shrink as age goes up, while Asics, Brooks and Saucony remain the favourites.

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Fun Facts: “The marathon story!”.

The first marathon ever run was at the 1896 Athens Olympics.  Distance running and walking were still popular at the time but the heights of pedestrianism were on the wane.  This first marathon inspired the founding of the Boston Marathon the next year in 1897.  In turn, Boston inspired another marathon close by in Yonkers, New York in 1907.  After World War 1 the Comrades marathon was founded to honour the fallen warriors.  It should be noted that at 89km the Comrades marathon is actually not a marathon but an ultramarathon.  In 1924 the Kosice Peace Marathon was started in what was then Slovakia after being inspired by the 1924 Paris Olympic Marathon.  The next four oldest marathons were held in Japan or Korea reflecting the huge popularity and success of marathoning in those countries.  The Seoul International Marathon started in 1931 in Korea.  It was not run every year during the Japanese occupation prior to and during World War II.  In 1946 the Lake Biwa Marathon started with the goal of helping the country to rebuild after the devastation of the war.  In 1946 the Chuncheon Marathon in Korea was held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first Korean to win the Olympic Marathon.  The winner of that Olympic marathon, Sohn Ki-chung, had run under a Japanese name and the Japanese flag due to the occupation of Korea prior to World War II.  Finally, in 1947 the Asahi Marathon was held in Japan and travelled around different venues in its first few years before settling in Fukuoka.  In the 1960’s it changed its name from the Ashai Marathon to the Fukuoka International marathon.  Australians Derek Clayton and Robert DeCastella both broke the world marathon record at the Fukuoka marathon.

Fun Facts: “The womens 3000M indoor record!”.
The womens 3000M indoor record was set in 2014 by Ethiopian Genzebe Dibaba. Her Time of 8:16.60 translates to 33 seconds per lap for the 15 lap x 200M indoor distance. The Australian 3000M record was run by Jessica Hull in September 2020. She broke Benita Johnson record by 2 seconds that had lasted 17 years. The NCAA 3000M indoor record of 8:41 is held by Karissa Schweizer of the University of Missouri set in 2018. She went on post graduation to run for the NIKE Bowerman Track Club. In February last year she broke the US Womens indoor record with 8:25.70. Her Bowerman Track Club teammates Shelby Houlihan and steeplechaser Colleen Quigley finished close behind in 8:26.66 and 8:28.71, respectively. Her time was a slim .13 seconds faster than Mary Slaney’s US Women’s outdoor record of 8:25.83, set in 1985.

Over the next year, we’ll share those with you. Plus, we’d love to know yours too. Send us your fun facts or what you use as part of your pre-race ritual.  MY FUN FACT 

Fun Facts with Steve: “Quick Dad, Give me a fun fact!”.
We all have our pre-race rituals. These are important parts of the mental and physiological preparation when firing up to run your goal race. A ‘fun fact’ from Steve was Zoe’s. Before every race, Steve would share with her something about ‘running’. The First shoe, athlete performances or historical snippets. Zoe used these to create a focus to both calm and inspire her.” I used these facts to calm my nerves.  They were simple, interesting and usually relevant to where I was or what shoes I was wearing. It helped me stay calm and stay focused on the moment.”

Over the next year, we’ll share those with you. Plus, we’d love to know yours too. Send us your fun facts or what you use as part of your pre-race ritual.  MY FUN FACT 

Look out for Steve’s first fun fact next week. You will see a common thread of marathoning and US facts as this last list was while Zoe was away in the US competing with the Western Kentucky University collegiate team.