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MARATHON SCHOOL For Marathoners and Half Marathoners

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Course Description

Learn how to run a marathon or half marathon so you can finish feeling strong and say “That was a great experience!”

Training for a marathon and half marathon is easier than you think with the right strategies, training plan and support

“We help runners to train for a Marathon, Half Marathon by teaching pacing strategies through a structured training program, tips, strategies, seminars and a supportive community of friendly and like-minded runners and coaches”
Steve & Margot Manning, intraining Running Centre directors , Founders of intraining”s training groups , intraining Running & Triathlon Club, and Runners School

We Have 5 Key Strategies to help you:

  1. A TRAINING Plan with long runs, speed sessions and other runs that will progress weekly to your goal race day. 
  2. ONLINE LESSONS on all the different aspects of training and racing you want to know.
  3. PACING STRATEGIES to run smarter, faster and stronger more easily.
  4. A RACE STRATEGY to run at your best on your BIG day.
  5. CONNECTING with a community of supportive coaches and runners.

“The intraining Marathon School is a summary of all this great information that’s been put together over the years by dedicated, wonderful, passionate coaches. The structure of the training program is awesome, so you’re not having to make all those mistakes and having to learn on your own.“  Matty Horston, Marathon Schooler, Marathoner, Intraining Coach

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